Sunday, May 31, 2015

Go Girl Cycling

Saturday I drove to Coral Spring to compete in a swimming meet. The drive reminded me of traveling from San Antonio to Houston but not as far.  Coral Springs is a very nice area west of Miami.  The aquatic complex was extremely nice. It had two pools, one was LCM, the other was SCY and a diving well in between with tramps and a drive board area. 

There was a synchronized swimming practice going on and those coaches work those young girls for LONG hours. They were in the water for about 3 hours with no break. Some of the girls had their faces covered in white sunscreen. It was entertaining to watch them kick their legs in the air and listen to the coach count...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 at about a 32 beat per minute count. 

The meet was okay for me. I felt very tired. Maybe it was from Friday's practice.  The first event was the 200 Free and I did manage to drop 1 second even though I felt very sluggish and tight.  That was the only event that I improved in time. I swam the 50 Free for the first time, and that was okay, but not great, just breaking :30.  I was glad I competed to get more racing under the belt.  

The Go Girl Cycling is a shop in Ft. Myers that hosted a Specialized Women's Ride. They offered 3 different distances as well as swag.  About 40 or so women showed up to ride from the shop.  I was so excited to meet and ride with other women cyclists.  Our group did the 45mile ride.  Our ride leader, Tina is the Manager of the shop.  She did a great job keeping us all together. The rule was to maintain 18mph.  We were doing just fine about 11K miles into the ride, when a group of girls were having trouble keeping up. Oh dear, that's not good since most of us were not in our big rig and spinning the prescribed pace.  

Tina went to the rear of the group, and that's when a small group 3 and myself decided to continue on up the road at our own pace. We were really glad we did.  Even though the route was not marked, Jennifer had a picture of the map on her phone, plus most of them knew the area. We rotated well together and maintained a constant speed.  It was really fun to be with a group of women that knew how to ride well.   The day really heated up to the upper 90's so we were all thankful to return to the shop before noon. 

I look forward to future rides with these ladies!  Go Girl Cycling is a fabulous bike shop, so be sure to 'like' them on FB!

Happy Trails!

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