Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tired Tuesday

Drove to Cape Coral on Monday to meet with our pool builder and take a look at the progress on the house.   In order to have the pool built after the house has closed, there are many approvals to be met between the home owners association and the city of Cape Coral.  The house is coming along, and looks like they are ready to put the tile down on the floors.  I will be happy to see our roof on!  

Tuesday LCM practice with coach Jenna is a day that we can really spread out, as the Masters has the entire pool till 7am.  There were four of us in two lanes swimming the same interval for the main 3K set, except the guy leading my lane, never seems to go on the correct interval, and leaves whenever he feels like it.  Since the set was a mix of EZ and fast, you could bank on more rest time by rolling right into the EZ 100 from the fast 100, as long as you remember when you left!  Which he did not, so then I was 5-10 sec. behind the other lane, which annoyed me. Plus, I felt that if the 100s were to be quality and consistent, then we needed to go on a 1:45 base and not 1:40.  I was doing 1:40 after my lane mate, left late on the 2nd set of 3.  I got out after 5 sets to pee. Started back up in the middle of #6, and things were still screwed up!  Very frustrating. Oh well, so much for 'happy laps' this morning.  "It's not what happens but how you react to it that matters."

I was pretty exhausted since I have not rested in a few weeks, plus my ear is sore. 

I presented the female gate attendant with her son's get well card. She was thankful. 

I also brought brownies this morning to practice for anyone that wanted them, however, since no one took one, I left them for the Lifeguards. I am sure they will appreciate them. 

Tuesday 5/19/15 - LCM

300 swim/ 200 pull / 100 kick

4 x 50 human drill (recover under water)
4 x 50 catch up
4 x 50 LA/ RA (single arm)

10 rounds @ 1:40
1 x 100 EZ
1 x 100 breath every 5 
1 x 100 fast

100 cool

Happy Laps!  (in progress)

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