Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday Power Toning Class

Every Tuesday and Thursday I teach a fitness class for the faculty and staff at Colgate University. It's a joy to teach this class every week. I do my best to keep it creative and cater the work to all levels of fitness as much as possible with the equipment provided, which can include, kettle bells, stability balls, free weights, straight bars, step bench, and  resistance bands. This week the class did the "Tabata" type training, where they work for 20 sec. and rest for 10. It moves fast, and is exciting!  The great aspect about the Tabata routines are that you can combine any type of exercise in different groupings that compliment each other.  On Tuesday, we did only 2 rounds of 4 different exercises with a total of 12 exercises. Thursday was a little tougher, and we did 5 rounds of 4 exercises for a total of 12 exercises.  Thursday's routine looked something like this:
Group I - 5 rounds
1. Standing Cross Crunch (knee to elbow - Insanity move)
2. Low Boats (lay on back, hands by hips, contract and lift body to a low boat position, lower and repeat)
3. Bridge with alternating L/R leg lifts
4. Up down planks (elbow to hands and vice versa)

Group II - 5 rounds
1. Power Pose with heel lifts (squat with feet together, and raise heels)
2. Mountain climbers (running in plank position)
3. Standing side to side lunges
4. Fast feet shuffle like "Flash Dance"

Group III - 5 rounds
1. Scissor Legs (lay on back, legs straight up, open and cross legs)
2. Hold Sumo squat (deep wide squat with toes slightly turned out)
3. Jumping lunges or step lunges alternating legs
4. Push ups

That is the workout - I hope you enjoy!!