Sunday, May 31, 2015

Go Girl Cycling

Saturday I drove to Coral Spring to compete in a swimming meet. The drive reminded me of traveling from San Antonio to Houston but not as far.  Coral Springs is a very nice area west of Miami.  The aquatic complex was extremely nice. It had two pools, one was LCM, the other was SCY and a diving well in between with tramps and a drive board area. 

There was a synchronized swimming practice going on and those coaches work those young girls for LONG hours. They were in the water for about 3 hours with no break. Some of the girls had their faces covered in white sunscreen. It was entertaining to watch them kick their legs in the air and listen to the coach count...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 at about a 32 beat per minute count. 

The meet was okay for me. I felt very tired. Maybe it was from Friday's practice.  The first event was the 200 Free and I did manage to drop 1 second even though I felt very sluggish and tight.  That was the only event that I improved in time. I swam the 50 Free for the first time, and that was okay, but not great, just breaking :30.  I was glad I competed to get more racing under the belt.  

The Go Girl Cycling is a shop in Ft. Myers that hosted a Specialized Women's Ride. They offered 3 different distances as well as swag.  About 40 or so women showed up to ride from the shop.  I was so excited to meet and ride with other women cyclists.  Our group did the 45mile ride.  Our ride leader, Tina is the Manager of the shop.  She did a great job keeping us all together. The rule was to maintain 18mph.  We were doing just fine about 11K miles into the ride, when a group of girls were having trouble keeping up. Oh dear, that's not good since most of us were not in our big rig and spinning the prescribed pace.  

Tina went to the rear of the group, and that's when a small group 3 and myself decided to continue on up the road at our own pace. We were really glad we did.  Even though the route was not marked, Jennifer had a picture of the map on her phone, plus most of them knew the area. We rotated well together and maintained a constant speed.  It was really fun to be with a group of women that knew how to ride well.   The day really heated up to the upper 90's so we were all thankful to return to the shop before noon. 

I look forward to future rides with these ladies!  Go Girl Cycling is a fabulous bike shop, so be sure to 'like' them on FB!

Happy Trails!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Freaky Fast Friday

Here we go with coach Kevin's (UNC alumni swimmer) speed challenge set.  I was thinking of doing less since I plan to race tomorrow, but I was having too much FUN!!

Friday 5/29/15

6 x 100 @ 1:40 free
6 x 75 @ 1:20 fl/back/br drill (sounds familiar!)
6 x 50 @ 1:00 (odds stroke/evens free, descend in pairs)
6 x 25 @ :35 odds breakout/evens 15 under water

3 xs
3 x 100 @ 1:25 hold best possible or better than 1/3 of 300 pace (rest :30)
4 x 50 @ 1:00 odds stroke/evens cruise free (work #1 and #3)
8 x 25 @ :40 drill stroke/choice

2x (only time for 1x)
6 x 50 @ 1:00 paddles and snorkel
4 x 25 :40 no breather, round 1 right paddle/left fin, round 2 switch

Happy Laps!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Big Kick!

It's ironic that this weeks focus for two workouts in a row are related to improving our kicking skills, given the fact that FIFA is getting a big kick in their integrity. Also considering how FIFA treats woman soccer players by making them play on artificial turf for World Cup... the best part is.....a woman is kicking their ball(s).  Yes, I said that! 

Moving on.....

Wednesday 5/27/15 with coach Mike

600 Free (breath 50R/breath 50L) + 400 IM (free) + 200 kick

8 x 25 @ :40
Single Arm Free: breathe opposite side x 4, then breathe same side x 4

Main (entire set with or w/out fins)
20 x 50 @ 1:00
Moderate:                                      Fast:
1 x 50 Swim                                   4 x 50 kick
2 x 50 Swim                                   3 x 50 kick
3 x 50 Swim                                   2 x 50 kick
4 x 50 Swim                                   1 x 50 kick

12 x 150 @ 2:15 for swim and 2:00 for pull
Moderate:                               Fast:
1 x 150 free                            3 x 150 pull
2 x 150 free                            2 x 150 pull
3 x 150 free                            1 x 150 pull

100 ez

12 x 25 @ :40
odds double arm back
evens no breather

200 warm down

Thursday 5/28/15 with coach Mike

1200 (100 choice swim + 100 IM drill) 

12 x 75 @ 1:20
odds fly-back-breast Drill (need to work the drill to make the interval)
evens back-breast - free Swim

12 x 100 @ 2:00 (NO fins, can use snorkel to keep hips high)
75 kick/25 swim (Strong Kick!)

1 x 400 pull with paddles and snorkel

I got out after another 100 cool - since I had a race Sat. but if you want to finish the practice, this is a nice set:

4 x 25 @ :30 (1 free + 3 stroke)
4 x 25 @ :35 (2 free + 2 stroke)
4 x 25 @ :40 (3 free + 1 stroke)

200 cool

Happy Laps!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Swim

Monday SCY with coach Paul

Challenging 200 set.
400 swim, 300 kick, 3 x 100 pull

5 x 100 Kick @ 1:50 (fins)

1 x 300 (25 free/25 back/25 free + rest 15 - build to fast)

4 x 150 pull (odds breathe 3/5/4 by 50, evens strong)

7 x 200 Free
4 @ 3'
3 @ 2:50

200 swim down

Tuesday LCM with coach Jenna

Nice change of pace today..
300 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull
4 x 25 scull
4 x 25 doggie paddle
8 x 50 odds catch up and 3/4 catch up / evens free


400 breathe 3/5 by 50 @ :15 rest
3 x 100 pull strong @ 1:30
4 x 50 odds ez/ evens fast @ 1'
400 breathe 3/5 by 50
3 x 100 pull strong
6 x 50 odds ez/ evens fast @ 1'
400 breathe breathe 1-7 (adding a stroke each time)@ :15 rest
3 x 100 pull strong @ 1:30
8 x 50  odds ez/ evens fast @ 1'

cool 200 

Happy Laps!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

9 Arm Starfish

Starfish come in many varieties. I have seen the bright blue kind on the bottom of the ocean while swimming in Guam.  SW Florida has had a recent influx of the 9-arm starfish, seen here being held by a young girl. Unfortunately, all the fishes arms are not in tacked. Apparently, just before I arrived to the beach to enjoy a nice relaxing couple of hours, there was a family of 4 adults and too many kids to count that were 'collecting' these creatures onto the beach.  

I didn't realize and see until a few moments after taking this shot, that they children had placed about 30 or so of these small starfish onto a body board. It was quite sad, as they had removed them from the ocean and left them in the sun to dry.  Oh dear. I heard one of the parents tell the children, "stop doing that, there is a lady that is getting upset."  The comment was repeated, and later a staff of the hotel and beach club, came down to the shore, to say that they cannot be doing this, and she proceeded to take the belly board and return the sea creatures to their habitat.  The kids were confident that they did not mean to cause any harm, and wanted to help.  Another gentleman approached the parents, and had stern words to convey to them, which of course did not go over well with the parents, as they were offended that a stranger had the nerve to discipline their child.  Oh vey, so much for a relaxing time on the beach.  Before the entire incident broke out, I was sitting immediately adjacent to the large group of parents and without exaggeration, they were quite loud and obnoxious. Evidently were from NY based on their accents.  

Back to swimming at T2

Friday LCM 5/22/15 (coach Paul Y.)

700 warm (2swim, 2pull, 2swim, 1pull)

4xs pull set
50 strong
100 perfect
150 breathe control (3/5/7 or 4/6/8)

Main set:
9 x 200 swim
3 @ 3:40
3 @ 3:30
3 @ 3:25

100 ez

9 x 50 fins every 3rd. fast
cool 150

Saturday 5/23/15 (coach Paul)

400 free
300 kick
3 x 100 pull (rest :30)

Preset:  - this was tricky to remember
12 x 50 "thirds" swim each 3rd. of the 50 in this order.
#1 free, drill, build 
#2 drill, build, free
#3 build, free, drill

Main set: 
I swam this on a generous interval with the lane I put myself in. I probably could have swum the 100s. on 1:50.

6 xs
2 x 100 @ 2'
2 x 50 @ 1:10
*descend 2nd 100 1-3 and hold
*descend 2nd 50 1-3 

100 ez

6 x 50 fins @ 1'
3rd. one fast!
1-3 kick
4-6 swim

100 cool

This weekend there was an age group swim meet at the Norris pool. There is a need for more USA swimming officials in the area, and I thought that will be a good thing to do. 

There is a process to be an official, which starts by sitting through a 2 hour class given by the regional director for region 5 from Florida Swimming. The class could have been easily streamlined, by being made into a video. After the class, you are required to take the on-line test on the USA swimming website, followed by doing 20 hours of on deck apprenticeship. There are other requirements needed by USA swimming, such as a background check and watching the athlete protection video, which you must update every 2 years. I am current for the background and video until 12/15. :-)  Being a swimming official is strictly a volunteer position. It's rewarding yet demanding work.   You may be required to stand for long periods in the heat or rain, and you must pay close attention to the progress of the meet. The entry level position begins with the stroke and turn official duty.  Looking forward to working the FL meets! 

Happy Laps!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Touche' Turtle

While riding in Pelican Marsh on Monday evening, I saw this giant turtle in the grass that had crossed over 4 lanes from the water.  I had never seen a turtle such as this, so I looked it up. It's a Florida soft shell. It also might be described as a spiny soft shell, and you can see the little spines on the shell. It's pretty big, and has a funny snout at the end. I wanted to make sure he returned home safely so I waited for it to cross the road, and alerted any on coming vehicles. One guy slowed downed, and he said it was a snapper, which is incorrect. 

Here he/she is checking for traffic. 

Safe arrival into the pond.........

Didn't swim Wednesday. My ear was rather painful, and I could not hear, so I knew I had a good case of otitis externa.   I was able to to locate medicated drops in the house, and those are helping. 

Thursday's practice was a nice mix of IM and free. The water temperature was 85 degrees, which made it difficult to breathe.  

If you followed my hippy tale blog, I had a THP a little over a year ago. Just before the operation, my orho surgeon was changed hospitals and was under investigation. The update to the investigation revealed yesterday that Michael Clarke, who performed my THP, was fined $10,000 (slap on the wrist) and a 3 yr. probation for inappropriate behavior in the operating room.  He is an excellent surgeon, and has a very high patient satisfaction rate, as well as positive outcome, and least complications.  Obviously, if patients are anesthetized, they really have not idea what is going on in the operating room. I think that he didn't mean to offend anyone, and someone had it out for him. Every once in a while, people need to realize that what they say and do affects everyone else. He is a very kind and considerate doctor.  

Top news story today is not about Dr. Clarke, but about the oil spill in Santa Barbara CA. It's devastating to wildlife and will affect them for months or even years to come. 

Thursday 5/21/15

4 x 200 (swim/kick/im/pull)

16 x 50 @ 1:00  - stroke = IM order
#1 all free
#2 1/3 stroke + free
#3 2/3 stroke + free
#4 all stroke

4 x 200 pull with paddles @ 3:00
cycle through fast 50s:
last 50 fast on #1, . 3rd. 50 fast on #3,  2nd. 50 fast on #2,  1st. 50 fast on #4

12 x 150 (50 back/50 breast/50 free)
1 @ 2:35, 3 @ 2:20 break
2 @ 2:30, 2 @ 2:15 break
3 x 2:25, 1 @ 2:10 (did not make!)

150 - 200 cool

Happy Laps!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tired Tuesday

Drove to Cape Coral on Monday to meet with our pool builder and take a look at the progress on the house.   In order to have the pool built after the house has closed, there are many approvals to be met between the home owners association and the city of Cape Coral.  The house is coming along, and looks like they are ready to put the tile down on the floors.  I will be happy to see our roof on!  

Tuesday LCM practice with coach Jenna is a day that we can really spread out, as the Masters has the entire pool till 7am.  There were four of us in two lanes swimming the same interval for the main 3K set, except the guy leading my lane, never seems to go on the correct interval, and leaves whenever he feels like it.  Since the set was a mix of EZ and fast, you could bank on more rest time by rolling right into the EZ 100 from the fast 100, as long as you remember when you left!  Which he did not, so then I was 5-10 sec. behind the other lane, which annoyed me. Plus, I felt that if the 100s were to be quality and consistent, then we needed to go on a 1:45 base and not 1:40.  I was doing 1:40 after my lane mate, left late on the 2nd set of 3.  I got out after 5 sets to pee. Started back up in the middle of #6, and things were still screwed up!  Very frustrating. Oh well, so much for 'happy laps' this morning.  "It's not what happens but how you react to it that matters."

I was pretty exhausted since I have not rested in a few weeks, plus my ear is sore. 

I presented the female gate attendant with her son's get well card. She was thankful. 

I also brought brownies this morning to practice for anyone that wanted them, however, since no one took one, I left them for the Lifeguards. I am sure they will appreciate them. 

Tuesday 5/19/15 - LCM

300 swim/ 200 pull / 100 kick

4 x 50 human drill (recover under water)
4 x 50 catch up
4 x 50 LA/ RA (single arm)

10 rounds @ 1:40
1 x 100 EZ
1 x 100 breath every 5 
1 x 100 fast

100 cool

Happy Laps!  (in progress)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Park to Pier Swim

Saturday 5/16/15 

Practice with coach Jenna in SCY 

Warm?  I was a little late, but I think it was some stroke and free
500 choice

Kick set
7 x 100 (fins) @ 1:50

1 Ez
2 fast
1 Ez
2 fast
1 Ez

Main Swim or stroke or IM
6 x 75 @ 1:05 or 1:10 or 1:15
6 x 50
5 x 75
5 x 50
4 x 75
4 x 50
3 x 75
3 x 50
2 x 75
2 x 50

cool 100

Sunday morning Russ and I drove to Lowerdermilk Park to meet up with the Naples Area Triathletes for an organized 2.4mile ocean swim. The course started at Lowdermilk Beach Park and finished at the Pier in downtown Naples. It was a small group of 15 or so that swam.  Russ rode his bike around, then met me at the finish. The conditions were calm and perfect. We are not allowed to swim under the pier and I was informed to not go to the end of the pier since people are fishing there, and that's where the sharks are. Roger that!!

Looking forward to a good workout....

Even though I felt like I took it easy, I felt feeling arm fatigue towards the end.   For the entire swim, I could see a  paddle boarder to my right. She was there to help out with navigation.  It was a straight shot, and the only obstacle, were some pylons that jutted out into the water from shore. Other than that it was smooth sailing. So beautiful!  As I approached the pier, I spotted Russ walking on the beach, I was happy to see him!  He told me that I finished around 48 minutes. I will most likely swim this again on May 30th. with a friend from the pool that wants to swim it before she returns to MN. 

Naples Pier is pretty spectacular, and there are dozens of cool photographs on-line. Sorry - Russ was in charge of the camera, and he didn't get one. I'll try for one next time.

After the swim, we returned home and I cooked up a monster breakfast for us which we devoured pool side. 

Every morning at 7:30am when I return from swim practice, I have to go through a guarded gate, and show the attendant my pass.  I routinely see the same person, a pleasant young woman, with long reddish hair.   It's always a very brief encounter, so I don't know much about her.  This morning when I returned from practice, she was not there, and I was so surprised, almost disappointed.  I inquired with the  substitute attendant, a gentleman, who I recognized as working a different shift, as to where she was, and he said that her son had had a surgery.  As I drove off,  my immediate thought was, I want to give him a 'get well' card.  I needed to buy a bunch of cards for various birthdays, plus my nieces graduation, so what was one more card?  Plus, I just wanted to give him some good cheer, since having a surgery can be painful.  I hope she will be at work tomorrow, so I can present her with the card for her son, who I found out is in his mid 20's. It was not clear as to what kind of surgery her had, but no matter, as long as he heals up and feels better.

This morning's practice was LCM with coach Kevin

Monday 5/18/15

200 swim/200 kick/ 200 pull/ 200 swim

10 x 50 kick (fins) @ :10rest
10 x 50 swim (no fins) @ :55  

Main:  Big ladder. I finished this set, and modified by pulling some of the 100s.
6 x 100 @ 1:45
6 x 50 @ 1'
5 x 100 @ 1:40 (pull)
5 x 50 @ 1'
4 x 100 @ 1:35
4 x 50 @ 1'
3 x 100 @ 1:30 (pull)
3 x 50 @ 1'
2 x 100 @ 1:30
2 x 50 @ 1'
1 x 100 @ 1:30
1 x 50 @ 1'

Warm down 100
I was so tired by the middle of the set, but hung in there. 

Happy Laps!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Espanol arroz

Yo cocino mexicana comida para la cena para la familia.   Les gustas Tacos!

For the first time I whipped up a big batch of spanish rice, and it tasted fantastico!!  You can see I am attempting to use the spanish I am learning from an educational app that I really enjoy using called, DuoLingo.  It's super fun, and easy. I give this app 5 stars!

Before I write out today's practice, here is the recipe for the rice.

Picking the rice - I prefer using Basmati rice because of it's aroma, and how it cooks. Basmati literally means "full of aroma".
2 cups Basmati rice
3 cups chicken broth 
1/4 cup tomato sauce (use Italian brand in paper container, rather than can)
2 tbs.butter
salt/white pepper
Paprika (can use smoked)
Chopped onion and garlic
splash of fresh squeezed lime. 

In a medium pot - melt butter, onions and garlic. Add the rice to coat, then add tomato rice to coat rice. Add the chicken broth, and remaining spices.  Bring to boil, then turn down heat to simmer until all the liquid is absorbed.  

Here is what it looked like left over, and it tastes great with black beans!

Friday's practice focuses on speed, speed, and more speed. Coach Kevin wrote a fantastic work out, and I felt pretty good today. 

Friday 5/15/15

Glad I showed up on time, for the warm up set, as it had very specific intervals, and got the heart rate up!
4 x 100 @ 1:30
6 x 50 @ 1:10 kick  
4 x 100 @ 1:40 drill choice
4 x 50 @ 1:10 kick
4 x 100 @ 1:20 (oh my)
2 x 50 @ 1:10 kick

Three rounds
Round #1
12 x 25  @ :35 (1ez/2 fast)
Rest 2:00
4 x 50!  @ 1:30 - go for it~
200 ez

Round #2
12 x 25 @ :30 (2ez/1 fast)
Rest 2:00
4 x 50! 1:30
200 ez

Round #3
12 x 25 @ :35 (1ez/2fast)
Rest 2
4 x 50! @ 1:30
200 ez

Happy Laps!

It took a few weeks, but I am feeling more energized after swimming, and motivated to get get in the saddle and ride!  The safest way to ride in Naples during the week, is either early AM, or to stay in the compound and do laps, which is very similar to how we rode during lunch while living in Hawaii. We'd warm up, then go all out time trial pace for about 20 - 30 minutes on the Hickam AFB. You get in shape fast that way too.  I did a few laps in the compound, then I ventured out of the gates to ride on the main streets for another 10 miles.  It's ALWAYS sunny when you wake up in FL.  Here I am warming up. 

Cape Coral has  7 designated cycling routes.  The longest route is 48 miles, which covers a complete loop of Cape Coral.  This loop is called PPC (Physician's Primary Care Route) and it runs just behind our house. They repainted the bike lanes too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

This photo was taken in Maui, HI at the State meet in 2009.  Catherine, on the right, will be attending The Air Force Academy this fall.   Smart gal!  

Swimming is a lifelong sport, and I am so thankful that I can swim, and it's so important that adults learn to swim.   Habitually swimming on a daily basis will hopefully allow me to reach my goal of improving my speed to the same level or even a higher level of performance compared to my 'younger' years.   

Practice this week so far:

Wednesday 5/13/15 - Happy Birthday Dad! 

600 choice
200 kick
200 IM drill

8 x 50 drill/kick (200 IM order) @ 1:10

Main #1
6 x 200 
Odds Free @ 2:30 / 3:00
Evens IM @ 5:00/ 6:00

Main #2
4 x 400 - broken down by 100 per 400
#1 25fly/75 free
#2 25fly/25back/50 free
#3 IM
#4 IM fast

I was toast after the 2nd. main set, plus it was already 7am. I did not finish the rest of the written workout - so if you want to - here you go:

2 x 600 
#1 6 x 100 IM desc 1-3 
#2 3 x 200 IM descend 1-3

200 Cool

Thursday 5/14/15 

(my shoulder was feeling a little kinked up during the pull set, but it worked itself out)
15:00 choice
9 x 100 @ 1:45
#1-3 25 K/ 75 swim
#4-6 50 K/50 swim
#7-9 75 K/25 swim

Main #1 (I used a band on ankles for 300, 200 & 150s)
1  x 300 pull no breath into/out of walls - :40 rest
1 x 200 pull breath every 5th - :30 rest
2 x 150 pull negative split, breath 7/5/3 by 50 - :20 rest
4 x 75 pull 90+ effort - rest :30

Main #2 (this was a nice set)
3 rounds:

1 x 150 free (90% effort) @ 2:30
1 x 100 free (hard) @ 1:45
1 x 50 FAST @ 1:00
1 x 50 EZ
1 x 50 w/ fins fast! @ 1:00
100 EZ

Cool 200 choice

Happy Laps!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Swimming off Mother's Day Brunch!

We enjoyed a special and delicious Mother's day brunch at the Twin Isles Country Club in Punta Gorda, where Russ plays golf on a daily basis.  Here we are after we rolled out of the club house.  The food was surprisingly very very good!  They even served cheese blintzes with blueberry sauce! 

We had so much food, that we didn't bother with any sort of dinner that evening. 
I really looked forward to swimming on Monday morning!

Monday 5/11/15

LCM w/ coach Kevin

8 x 100 KRLS, 2 of each stroke reverse IM order 
4 x 100 @ R:30 (quarters!, not the drinking game)  1st. 25 fast, then 2nd. 25 fast, then 3rd. etc.

Four rounds
4 x 50 @ 1:10 (rounds 1 & 3 kick, rounds 2 & 4 stroke)
3 x 100 @ 1:30 descend 1-3
1 x 200 2:45 (fins and paddles)
R: 15

Tuesday 5/12/15

LCM w/ coach Jenna

300 swim/100 kick/100 pull

4 x 50 6 kick switch
4 x 50 swim
4 x 50 6 kick switch

Main Set - this was a nice ladder set. 
6  x 100 aerobic @ 2:40
2 x 25 sprint pull :15R
4 x 50 strong @ 1:00

5  x 100 aerobic @ 2:40
4 x 25 sprint pull :15R
4 x 50 strong @ 1:00

4  x 100 aerobic @ 2:40
6 x 25 sprint pull :15R
4 x 50 strong @ 1:00

3  x 100 aerobic @ 2:40
8 x 25 sprint pull :15R
4 x 50 strong @ 1:00

200 cool breath 3/5

Happy Laps!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tour de Ft. Myers Beach

I hung up the goggles in return for the helmet today, and saddled up at 6:45am for a 70K excursion to Ft. Myers Beach.   I anticipated that there is a group ride that will be traveling the same route as I, and thought I might be able to hang on the back. (for a little while at least)

I loaded my bike with one frozen water bottle, and one normal one.  I started from Pelican Marsh, and crossed Hwy 41 into a neighborhood which leads to Vanderbilt beach rd.  A right turn on Vanderbilt road takes you Bonita Beach rd. which is the last turn for the rest of the route until turning around in Ft. Myers.  I cruised along the quiet Bonita Beach rd., which eventually turned into a wide open road with water on both sides.   Around the doggie beach park, there was a guy on a tri -bike that was hammering away at his own TT pace. He was 'older' looking, and I am sure was in high training mode for some race he was doing.  As I clicked away the miles, I was just about to cross over an over pass, when I hear and see a very fast double pace line staring to blow by me.  It was an enormous crowd of, I'd say 30 guys. (no gals that I could see)  I began to increase my pedal RPMs a bit and checked back a few times to see where the end of the train might be. Ahhh...I noticed that the bigger cyclists were in the back, so it's time to hop on. I think one really large one had had enough, and he was immediately dropped on the overpass. I got behind a guy who was on a nice Cervelo, and he was in his aero bars, and was keeping a good distance from the last rider of the pack, and holding his own line. I figured this was a good place to be, and sucked his wheel for as long as I possible could, which lasted about 2 or so miles. After I felt my body max out, I let go, and cut the line.  

I had a feeling I'd see this group coming the opposite direction at some point and maybe try again.  I continued down Estero road, and after I came over the last big overpass, I did not see that group. They were flying!  And to think that 20 years ago, I'd would have stayed attached to them. 

I looked at my watch, and an hour and 15min. had passed, so I knew I was getting closer to the bridge at Ft. Myers beach. The road was busier, and there were quaint side road coffee shops or cafes lining the streets. At that point I saw the large peleton coming the opposite direction. I wanted to be able to safely cross the road and get on the back without having to work too hard. There was a very large truck barreling behind me, so I road up onto the side walk to give him room. It was perfect timing because after he passed, I could then cross the road just as the last person passed by me. The peleton looked slightly thinner in numbers. I sat on the back and cruised with them for a while. I was able to handle one acceleration, but the second one did me in, and the legs did not respond. Oh well. That was fun, and good training too.

Okay - home stretch solo.  Two more time trial cyclists in aero bars passed me. I actually started drafting on the back of the second guy, which last about 20 seconds. His caves were huge and muscular!  By now, I am feeling very hot and tired, and my shorts are started to chafe.  Just a few more miles to Vanderbilt beach rd., hang in there!  

After making the right turn onto VBRd. I decided to stop and stretch. That felt good to feel my bones release.  I quickly looked behind me and saw a solo cyclist. I let him pass and I hopped back on my saddle to catch up to him and ride up next to him and say, "Hey do you mind if I draft behind you?"  "No, I don't mind," he replied. Cool, one way to get home quicker. I had a feeling he'd keep a pace I could handle which he did. It was a nice tempo pace, and since I don't have a computer, I have no idea how fast we were going, but if I were to guess, I'd say 22mph.  No problems with that pace to the corner, where he made a right which takes you toward the Wiggins State Park, then past La Playa. I continued straight to return the same way home, crossing 41 into Pelican Marsh. I thanked him.  

This is the view from the bridge on Estero Blvd. after Lover's Key Resort before going into Ft. Myers Beach. 

Lee and Collier county are happening places to ride and race. There are many large bike lanes where we are moving to in Cape Coral, and I look forward to exploring routes up north.

On a completely separate topic.....what's the deal with pro athletes and cheating?  I mean really, in my eyes it's just sad.  Not playing by the rules, and thinking you can get away with it.  Tom reminds me of Lance in a way.  

As a side note - I read a great article by coach Paul Yetter, about kids learning from making mistakes, especially in swimming. During a race, there are officials on deck, analyzing the swimmers to make sure that they are doing the strokes and turns correctly.  If they do break a rule (such as using the wrong stroke mechanics, or turning improperly), the result is a DQ. What that means is, the coach and swimmer, work on fixing those mistakes at practice, and the swimmer gets an opportunity to learn and become better.  It doesn't mean they are a "bad" swimmer, or they did a bad thing, it only means they need to practice on how to make their technique correct. 

If you practice hard, and put in the effort, then there is no need to cheat and/or take short cuts.   Be the best you can be and be happy. If you are not happy with your results, then train and practice differently.  

I am not sure how fans and Tom can be happy with their results if he and his teammates felt that it was 'okay' to bend the rules.

Every sport has rules, and they are there for a reason. Golf, has so many rules, and even though I know people that don't think golf is a 'real' sport, it does has a place in the world of sports. 

Cyclists and doping.......sure - they will do it to be competitive, but if you get caught, then you need to tell the truth, and not let the world think you raced clean and won, because in the end, he didn't win. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Freaky Fast Friday

Thursday night sunset was spectacular. All of us saw the green flash!

We enjoyed the view from La Playa. 

Practice with coach Mike was a nice recovery from Wednesday's monster IM set. There was a small crowd, and I was the last one in the pool, because I wanted to finish the entire set. 

Thursday 4/7/15

800 swim

2 xs
8 x 25 single arm (4 breathing to recovery arm side, 4 breathing to opposite side)
4 x 50 swim

14 x 25 @ :30
1 fast + 1 EZ
2 fast + 1 EZ
3 fast + 1 EZ
4 fast + 1 EZ

4 xs
150 fast @ 2:15
100 ez
2 x 50 scull/swim

4 xs
100 fast @ 1:30
75 EZ
3 x 25 scull swim

4 xs
50 fast @ :45
25 ez

200 cool

Practice with coach Kevin. I really enjoy Kevin's practice sets. I almost thought about taking a rest day, however I am glad I did not, since we used parachutes today!  This was my first experience with parachutes. He had his age group team do this same practice but swimming breaststroke.

Friday 4/8/15

4 x 300 @ :45 rest
#1 50 free/25 stroke drill
#2 kick
#3 50 free/25 breakout
#4 free pull/25 back w/ paddles

16 x 25 drill @ :30
4 x 2 count recovery pause with hand hovering above water
4 x on your own
4 x pausing arm up in the air, and looking at hand, thumb to sky. (new drill)
4 x same as above, but other arm.

200 EZ free

3 xs (originally written as 4, but did 3 due to time constraints)
1 x 150 pull strong @ 2:15
3 x 50 - breakout (fast 6 strokes) @ 1'
6 x 25 - chutes @ :45  + :30 before next
2 x 75 @ 1:15 - go for it!

200 ez

Felt pretty good after practice. 

Happy Laps!!