Saturday, January 2, 2010

Raiders Dive Team

Colgate swimmers and divers are getting in some quality training hours in PR.
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Winter Wonderland

We found our way to upstate NY and after living 3 years on islands, this is a drastic change to say the least!
Yigo seems to enjoy himself. We play frisbee and he loves slipping and sliding.
Good thing we are well stocked with lots of coats, gloves, hats, and boots!
Yigo will never give up his favorite pastime.
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Skaneatles I'm All In!!!

This is a two day triathlon festival we did in Skaneatles, NY. (pronounced - skinny-atlas)

The first day was a sprint triathlon. The second day we did a point to point swim in the morning. This is Amy and I before the swim. It was called, "escape from the judge." The boat in the background is called the Judge.

Later on in the afternoon, there was a 2 mile time trial on our bikes up a nice climb. That was painful, and I was miserably slow comparatively.

After lunch and before dinner, we did the final event; a 4 mile run. It was a nice course with a few hills, and a little cross country, and a grass finish.

After the the run, I needed to find a shower, and change clothes to get ready to go to the
ST. fair with Dana and Stephanie.

The St. fair was a blast. I saw the butter sculpture - and apparently it was a very poor sculpture.

I hope to go to the state fair next year.

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Swim race in Adirondacks

It was my second day in upstate N.Y., and I planned on competing in a Master's open water 1 mile cable swimming Championships in Mirror lake. This is the same lake they swim in for the Lake Placid Ironman. Skin suits were allowed still, so I wore my nice Blue Seventy suit. The conditions were perfect. Lake was very smooth. I think I was still feeling a bit jet lagged, but felt excited to get my endorphins flowing.

The race was conducted by starting small groups off in waves based on your seed time. The waves were 20 seconds apart. I started in the 3rd. wave. I was feeling a bit paranoid that I may have over estimated my seed time. We had to do 4 loops to complete one mile. It's a quarter mile out to the turn buoy. About half way into the swim I was thinking, damn, I am SO tired! But I stayed with it, and found a groove, especially after a girl passed me who was wearing a FULL skin suit. (long sleeve, and down to ankles) I literally swam next to her for the last half mile. She started in the wave behind me, so she beat me by 20 seconds. I was second in my age group.

It was a rewarding swim, and I felt good that I was racing. Afterwards I went shopping in the adorable town of Lake Placid. I'd like to return to this area sometime soon. I am sure that in the winter it's an exciting place to be and be seen.

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Last days in HI

Before leaving Hawaii, there were a few trails that we needed to explore. One of the trails was on Ohau, and the other trail I explored solo is located on Maui. the trail on Maui is the most highly used and was the most widely traveled trail on the 1800s. It served as a pathway for the Missionaries returning home from Mauna Olu Seminary to Lahina. It's a very trying trail, because it zig zags, and is very rocky, and open to the high winds and hot sun. I really enjoyed taking in the view of Mt. Haleakala peaking above the clouds.

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