Saturday, January 2, 2010

Skaneatles I'm All In!!!

This is a two day triathlon festival we did in Skaneatles, NY. (pronounced - skinny-atlas)

The first day was a sprint triathlon. The second day we did a point to point swim in the morning. This is Amy and I before the swim. It was called, "escape from the judge." The boat in the background is called the Judge.

Later on in the afternoon, there was a 2 mile time trial on our bikes up a nice climb. That was painful, and I was miserably slow comparatively.

After lunch and before dinner, we did the final event; a 4 mile run. It was a nice course with a few hills, and a little cross country, and a grass finish.

After the the run, I needed to find a shower, and change clothes to get ready to go to the
ST. fair with Dana and Stephanie.

The St. fair was a blast. I saw the butter sculpture - and apparently it was a very poor sculpture.

I hope to go to the state fair next year.

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