Friday, December 10, 2010

Lake effect Snow Storm

Second season in central NY is exciting. Syracuse has been reported to have 95 hours and 10 minutes of snowing. It's snowing now, and it's going to snow some more, making it great conditions for fun in the snow to x-country ski and snow shoe. I am looking forward to some outdoor exercise that is something different than running. After completing the 100 mile and the 100K run last August, I have been enjoying less pounding and find myself getting in some great swim workouts with our new head swimming coach, Fernando. He is very highly respected in the swimming world, and an absolute joy to work for.

The raiders swim team is feeling the positive vibrations, and we showed our stuff in the snow one evening. We are looking forward to winning more meets after training trip to FL. and doing well at the Patriot League Championships in February @ Bucknell.