Friday, February 27, 2009

Frisbee time!!

Our dog, Yigo, is THE best frisbee catcher ever!! Sometimes Russ and I will go out to the lawn with four different kinds of frisbees to keep him occupied. It works great in place of a six mile run. Although even if Yigo runs six miles, he still has enough energy to play frisbee.

A dog is the best companion in the world. Sorry to you cat lovers. But canine's rule in our household. haha.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Momentum Crit Series #2

John, myself, and Steve cool down after the men's Senior race. The course is wideopen with no technical turns. There is a headwind on the start/finish stretch, and a tail wind on the other stretch. The event takes place on the flight line of the Marine Corp base in Kaneohe. The race went well for our team. There were 28 riders in the field. John got 3rd. I got 8th. I'm not sure what Steve got, but our other teammate placed 6th. After the men's race 45 min. race, I did the women's race, which was only 30 minutes long. There were only 8 or 9 women in the field. We had three HACC representatives. I decidedthat I would try to get away and stay away which is what I did.

I love the mountains in the background. I took a few opportunities to go to the front of the men's race to really get my heart rate up. I think the next guy is wondering who was going to go after me. No one was able to stay away due to the headwind and the level playing field of the pack.

I like how our team is packed together in the middle. Very cool.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Broken Toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say not to sweat the small stuff, so I'm tyring not to sweat the fact that my little toe is broken. And no, I didn't kick the dog, or kick my husband, I ran into the bed post, because my dog was under my feet and I tripped.

Not sure if this helps or not - but buddy taping the toes together after a break is one of the therapies to help the toe heal straight. Duck tape seems to work best, and a friend suggested I use it. The nice thing is taping does prevent pain when swimming. Riding is mostly painless now. It's been three weeks, and I ran today with Yigo. Not too comfortable, and I cut out a space in my shoe to eleviate some pressure. We'll have to see how another three weeks goes. Not a pretty picture huh?
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Still Chillin' in Hawaii

Beautiful palm trees.

Aside from landscape photos - Yigo is my favorite subject!!!!!!!!

He is always read to pounce.
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Beach Stuff

This new camera is so much fun, and I still don't know all the features as of yet.

The picture of the surfers are from the top of Diamond head.

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Lazy Sunday afternoon

It's the second weekend of the new year (2009) and we decided to wander into Waikiki so I can play with my new Nikon camera and have a beer at "The Yard."

The Waikiki skyline has sure changed in the past 20 years I'm sure. Diamond Head is barely visable behind those two new buildings on the far rights. The significance of those buildings is that we use them to spot the finish for the Waikiki Roughwater 2.4 mile swim. They look like harmonicas.

I had fun taking some cool pictures of the beach, and capturing a great view of Diamond Head.

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Merry Christmas from Hickam Athletes 2008

Christmas is always fun with friends, especially those who enjoy a good bottle (or two) of red wine!! After we stuffed ourselves silly, Russ invited the guys to a friendly game of poker, and of course the one who didn't know how to play, (Luis) won!! The rest of us went for a walk to burn off a few calories.
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