Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Congo River Golf Competition

It's been a very pleasant and exciting week so far.  Mom and dad have had 4 people interested in purchasing their home in Villanova, and one family put an offer on the table. The family is from FL and they are very excited about the home. The inspection is this Saturday, and my parents are a little nervous about it, since it foiled the last potential sale. I think this time will be different though. The Villanova  home has been on the market for a year, and they are so ready to sell it!   I was told that if I sent a prayer to Grandma Ham (God rest her soul), and ask her to say a prayer for the house to sell, it will help. Obviously all my prayers to her are getting through!   Thank you Grandma Ham!

Monday's swim practice was very similar to Tuesday's swim practice. The meters are a little less, however, we did about 10 or so minutes of vertical kicking at the end.

Coach Kevin's practice - LCM

Main Set - twice
2 x 200 pull
4x 100 descend pull - no paddles
8 x 50 pull 
Not sure what the intervals where. We had 7 in a lane, and I was in the middle, just trying to hang in there. 

Vertical kicking: 45 sec. flutter (every 15, raise arms up higher), 45 sec. butterfly - repeat. 
EZ 150

On Monday evening we ventured over to the miniature golfing course for a head to head competition between mom/dad and Russ and I.  All of us are super competitive, so it was important that we warmed up our putting skills. In so doing, Russ gave me a few pointers before the big match. The course was in great condition and offered a nice variety of holes to challenge any seasoned golfer.  It was especially amusing to see Ed put his ball in the water on the first hole!

Mom looks so pretty!

We enjoyed many laughs and I am proud to report that I made a hole in one!  
Team results - Youth rivaled experience. :-)

Cinco De Mayo's swim practice with Jenna (LCM)
Warm: SKIPS (100 of each)

Pre-Set: drills
4 x 50 fist
4 x 50 catch up (3/4)
4 x 50 glide (3,2,1,swim)

Main Set:  3xs!!
6 x 50 (@ 200 pace @ 1')
100 EZ
4 x 150 @ 200 pace w/ 20-30 sec. rest)
100 EZ

Cool 100

Hump day practice with coach witty Tim. He is full of jokes and silly comments. Wednesday is always an a stroke (IM) day. The main set was challenging and rewarding. During the 400 FRIM, I thought about how much I'd like to get a massage!

1000 SKPS (200 of each)

8 x 50 drill/swim by 25 (200IM)

1 x 200 FRIM (suppose to be active recovery)
4 x 25 fast fly (fins) on :40  

1 x 300 FRIM
4 x 50 backstroke @ 1' - get after it!

1 x 400 FRIM
4 x 75 fast breast/free/breast @ 1:30

1 x 300 FRIM
4 x 50 fast back @ 1'

1 x 200 FRIM
4 x 25 fast fly @ :40

500 pull w/paddles & snorkel

100 EZ
(4300 SCY)

Happy Laps!

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