Sunday, May 3, 2015

Delnore Wiggins State Park Ride

Saturday morning practice with coach Jenna in LCM

Warm up (this is one of Sarge's staple w/u for the Sherburne swimming team!)
500 SKIPS 
2 x 50
2 x 100
2 x 150
Main - three times thru
6 x 40 descend stroke count
4 x 100 build
2 x 200 Fast

200 warm down

Since Russ is not golfing on Sundays, we scheduled a leisurely bike ride together.  I've been kind of tired after the 5:30am swimming during the week, so this is the first time I have been on the bike since we moved to FL and it felt great!~ Again, a big thanks to Jonathan for building up my bike after the crashing in October.  She's so Pretty!!

I was all decked out in a normal cycling kit, bike shoes etc, and Russ rode the hybrid in half a kit and sneakers! You can see that his is sitting upright, and is happy as we cruise out of the 'compound' on a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning excursion. 

We crossed Tamiami trail into the neighborhood that would take us toward the beach and Delnore Wiggins State Park.  I suggested to venture into the State Park since I have never been there, and it's where Russ's mom use to take him.  We paid the $4 entry fee for the both of us, and rode to the end of the road where there was a wooden path leading us to an 'observation tower.'   We walked up to the top of the observation tower, thinking we would see an expansive view of the ocean and beach but all we saw was a little speck of the ocean, because the trees were so tall.  We figured they must have built the tower 30 years ago!  

As we continued to explore the area, we saw the actual pass where the currents are strong and no swimming is permitted. There were lots of people fishing and it was beautiful!

We left the park and rode down Vanderbilt Beach road to head home.  As we arrived to the last stoplight at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach and Goodlett Frank, just before the light was about to turn, Russ and I saw two cyclists coming up from behind, and Russ said to me,  "Don't look now, but there are two bikers behind us, so get going and bring us home." I responded to him, "I don't want to drop you." "You won't drop me," he replied. 

We were riding into a medium headwind, and our left turn was only 1/2 or so down the road. I road steady in my little ring, and Russ was behind me sucking wheel, pedaling as fast as he can in his sneakers.  When I looked back to check for cars before making the turn, I could see the guys, but really didn't make them out until I made the turn and noticed that they were in their aero bars!!   After we made the turn Russ says to me, "Did you see those guys?"  "Yeah, they had aero bars," I said.  Then he says, "You were doing 20mph,  I bet they were wondering who I was in my tennis shoes, with hairy legs, and a t-shirt!" LOL! 

Anyway - it was funny and we had a good laugh.  It's really no big deal to go 20mph on these flat roads, however, when you have a headwind, it takes some work to push the pace over 20.  

There are daily group rides that happen in Naples, but you have to be careful who you ride with, so to be safe, I'll be riding solo for a while. 

Safe riding and happy laps!

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