Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Year of the Goat

Happy Year of the Goat!!

I guess I was not paying attention to the news, or social media or anything pertaining to what new Chinese year it was this year.  I heard today - we are celebrating the year of the goat.  Some literature will refer to this animal as a sheep. I guess this little guy looks like a cute little sheep with horns. The characteristics of the sheep are: crafty, sensitive, warm, elegant, intuitive, tasteful, charming, and calm. Hopefully we will see signs of peace and harmony in 2015! 

Now that we know what the Chinese New Year is, time to revisit this mornings swim practice. Apologies for not posting this earlier.  I make a habit to write the workout the day before. 

For Wednesday March 4th. This practice focuses on pace mixed with speed. 

Warm: 300swim/300kick/300pull/300IMdrill
Main: 6 x 150 
(100 free pace/50back fast) @ 20sr
Main: 3 x 300 
#1-2 pull paddles and buoy breath 3/5 by 50 
#3 snorkels/paddles/fins pick up the pace)
Three sets: 4 x 25 @ :40
#1-2 Fast
#3-4 perfect technique 

100-200 cool

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