Saturday, March 7, 2015

Skiing by the light of the moon!

Hamilton was blessed with clear skies Friday, and what better way to take advantage of the full moon, but to get together with friends on the Colgate groomed trails for a night time x-country ski adventure.  Kuddos goes out to Dr. Jonathan who takes the initiative to coordinate these type of fun exercise opportunities.

A group of  9 plus Maya, Dan's black lap (our mascot), started on the 'lower loop', which eventually split by way of 3 ladies who ventured off to the the 'upper loop.'   The remaining of us took a couple of spins around the lower trails in opposite directions, with breaks for hot coco, courtesy of Jonathan.  Thank you!

The evening finished off at the Good Nature Brewing Company with plenty of laughter and interesting stories.  

FYI - On the next full moon, April 4th, a Total Lunar Eclipse will take place. It will be visible in Central N.Y. between 5:03AM - 6:17AM.

Enough about the moon, and skiing, let's talk swimming!   In preparation for Sunday's RAM swim meet at RIT in Rochester, I decided to take it easy today.  Total yards - 2K.

500 swim (working on good turns)
500 (kick on back/backstroke by 50)
500 (pull)
500 (snorkel, swim/kick on stomach by 50)
finish up with a few practice turns, focusing on getting hips over, and good feet placement, and getting off the wall)

Happy Laps!!

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