Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Haste Makes Waste

I learned from my dear friend and mentor, Fernando Canales, to always consider the pros and cons when making a final decision. Rushing things can cause unnecessary mistakes in the work place or home, or maybe even render making wrong choices. Work smarter, not harder is another way to think about it.   In any event,  I am weighing the pros and cons of competing in the Wilton Wahoos Y prep meet before USMS Nationals.  Logistically, the timing may or may not work, due to the fact that I am packing up my car and driving to FL on April 11th. (Sat) with the dog!  Russ will follow suit after the movers pack us up on Monday the 13th.  I thought, since the meet is in Wilton, CT, on Sunday April 12, I'd be heading in that direction. The Wilton Y is very close to Weston, CT., where I can stay with a friend for Saturday night, leave Yigo at their house on Sunday while I attend the meet, which will be only a few hours. Then we can continue driving to FL that day.  It's a possibility, but I have to decide if it's the right thing to do with the dog and all. If Yigo was not in the picture, I'd go, no worries.

I'll think about it some more.................

Swimming this week is sparse due to the fact that Lineberry is only open two week days, due to spring break. Monday was soup Monday, so I didn't make that, and Thursday I teach yoga, so I drove to Hamilton College this morning at 4:30 in the snow! Argh. Did this brief 3,300 yard practice on the fly:

Wednesday 3/18

300 swim/300 pull/200 FRIM drill
5 x 50 K @ 1'
5 x 100 swim @ 1:30
5 x 50 K @ 1:10
5 x 150 Pull @ '2
5 x 50 K @ 1:05
Cool 300 snorkel

Friday 3/20

300 swim
300 K/D/Swim/stroke by 25 
300 snorkel

*30 x 100  @ 1:40
This is a pace set - do the 1st one on 2:25 exactly, the second one 1:24, the 3rd. on 2:23 etc. obviously you will you run out of steam before the end of the set, then the fun begins,  whatever is the last goal pace that you can hit,  hold that pace, till the set is done. 

*For quicker swimmers with say a 1:02 goal pace, your interval is 1:30, you do the first one on 1:19 exactly, descend one second, till you hit your goal pace, and swim the rest of set at that pace. Depending on how you feel that day, will depend on when you will hit your goal pace.
I borrowed this from a 2003 triathlon web files I found on-line.

Warm down 

Happy Laps! 

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