Friday, July 10, 2015

Morning Glory

The day started off well with a fun swim with the FGC swim team.  Coming home I took this photo as I was going over the bridge. 

It's at least  a 30min. drive to practice with this team, and even though I arrived at 5 on the dot, I seemed to miss the entire 500 warm up!

8 x 50 @ 1' (choice drill/stroke)

Main: 11 times (basically 1 mile set)
1 x 100 @ 1:20
1 x 50 @ 1' (active recovery)
* I was holding either 1:11 or 1:12. I felt good on the last one and did 1:10.

8 x 50 kick (social) chatted with the girl in the lane next to me who is recovering from stress fractures in her tibia from running. 

5 x 200 Pull @ 3:30 
* I did a few 250s and the last one wore snorkel and no buoy. 

cool 100

Happy Laps!

This Sunday there is a ride in Punta Gorda called Wings and Wheels V.  I am sure it will be fun, and I will meet some new friends. 

I have not been riding much, so it will be interesting. My bike is at the shop right now, because I needed them to swap out the big 27 cassette with a normal 23 cassette. Way too flat here to be riding a 27! 

I also discovered a place to buy FRESH eggs from a farm in Bonita Springs. It's called, Happy Hens.  She didn't have any eggs today, so I pre-ordered 2 doz.  to pick up next Friday. 

Happy Friday!

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