Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another lamp constructed!

Here is another beautiful lamp that I made. I really like the shade because it is unique. All in all this lamp cost me about $26 dollars to make. The funny thing is when I was purchasing parts to complete it, I needed to purchase a couplings. It was a good thing that I had one left over, because our electrician needed one when installing the light in our walk in closet. Ha! 

Given that I am not an electrician by trade, I have successfully made three lamps thus far, and I am pretty excited about the prospect of making more!  Hopefully we will have a nice shelf in the garage for the future of making additional lamps. 

Monday was a nice rest day, as I really felt like sleeping in.  Tuesday AM swim practice was written by me, even though there are workouts to follow, I like re-designing the workouts.

400 Loose
200 Kick
12 x 50 @ :55 (25 IM stroke/25 free)

3 x 150 pull/breathe 3/5/7 by 50 @ 2'
4 x 50 back @ 1'
3 x 150 pull/breathe 3/5/7 by 50 @ 2'
4 x 50 breast @ 1'

1 x 400 
1 x 300

Cool 100
Happy laps!

Wednesday AM I joined the Caloosa Bike Club for their weekly 36m ride from the Winn-Dixie. 

It was a small group of about 11 cyclists. Three women total including me. As soon as the group rolled out the the parking lot the pace amped up to 28-30mph. Geez - what a way to wake up!  No warm up, little food (two oranges) and tight calves.   The roads are nice, and there is little traffic. As we circled through the line, I noticed I was the only woman left with the group.  I think they were surprised that I was still with them.  I think the other girl, Pam could have stayed in the pack, but she told me that she was not feeling well. 

About 10 miles into it, one of the guys got a flat. We all stopped and he changed it. We carried on, returning to the blazing pace.  The course traverses over a very slight incline, and that really did me in. The temps were already climbing int0 the upper 80s. At the bottom of the hill, there was a light and that is where the course turns around.  A few miles down the road, we bridged up to the the slower group that had previously passed us during the mechanical. 

After we caught up to the small group, I decided to sit in with them and recover a bit. It was a nice ride back, and my legs are very spent!   It was a fun day and I met a new friend as well, her name is Louise. 

I look forward to riding with the group more. 

Yesterday I had what I thought a very successful interview with the HR person at Lee Memorial Hospital for a position at their Wellness Center. I hope to receive a call from the hiring manager in the next couple of days.  Wish me luck!

Our pool permit has been approved and the pool guy, Waters Edge, will start the digging process next Thursday!  We are very excited to get this underway.  I'll post pre-post and interim pictures. 

In the meantime - - be well, be safe, and keep smiling!

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