Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Warm days and warm water

 Last weekend we made last minute reservations on a rainy afternoon to see 'Footloose' at the Broadway Palm for the matinee show.  The venue is dinner theater style, but you can purchase only show tickets.  Russ has been to the Broadway Palm more than a few occasions with his mom many many years ago. As he looked at the wall posters show ads, he commented, "I've seen that, and that.."

Here he is enjoying Christmas in August!

I gave the Seahorse statue some lovin'.

Everyone was finishing up their dinners just before the show began. The first half was fairly entertaining, however I was pretty tired from a hard and steamy bike ride, that I snoozed for a while. There were a few good voices, however I would not recommend the cast to audition for American Idol any time soon. I'd call the performance an off, off Broadway production. During intermission we decided it was time to cut bait and cut loose.  I had no idea that Russ never saw the movie Footloose, so when we got home, we pulled it up on Netflix and he watched it. 

Before heading home, we stopped into the Asian Leaf Market. This is a great market to purchase Mr. Brown's coffee, my favorite Ice Coffee of all time, which I discovered while living in Guam. Yum!!

Early Saturday morning around 6:50am, we were walking Yigo, and we see three large trucks (two were cement trucks) heading out way. Yep, they were the trucks that would pour the shell to our pool.  Russ watched the two hour process while I went for a bike ride. I don't have any pictures of the cement being poured. Here are the guys that came a few days later to remove all the wood and plastic from around the pool.  It's coming along. We are not quite halfway through completion.  Maybe it will be done by Labor Day and we will host a party!?

Monday evening swim at Cape Coral H.S.
Since the water temp is 93 degree F, the goal of main set was to stay on pace

400 choice
12 x 25 (25 stroke/25 free) @ :50

12 x 200 @ 3 (I pulled the last 3)

600 (100 kick/ 100 choice swim)

4 x 75 (kick/drill/stroke) 

100 Fast

200 cool

Happy Laps!

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