Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Backfilling the pool

It's been a while since posting, so I will catch up from last week and weekend.

The pool water at the HS is still freaking hot, but we manage to cover about 4K for Tuesday's practice.

8 x 50 free
8 x 50 back
8 x 50 breast
8 x 50 fly

200 kick (mix front and back)
3 x 200 pull (descend by set)

Main - 32 x 50
4 times 
8 x 50
(#2 & #4 with snorkel, work on kick and high arm tempo)
set #1 and #3 @ :45 (moderate)
set #2 and #4 @ :50 (faster) 

cool 100

Happy Laps!

"When there are no enemies within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you."  - David Baird

Wednesday Practice - I met a nice woman name Sharon at practice who swam in my lane. She is returning to swimming after being away from it for 13 years. She grew up in FL and graduated from Cape Coral HS, so she was on home turf again.  I made this practice up for us. 

600 Warm
Main set - 4 times (1 x 200, 2 x 50, 2 x 100)
Round 1
200 Pull or Swim
2 x 50  (#1 head tap drill - #2 kick)
2 x 100 (50Ez/50F, 50F/50Ez)

Round 2
200 P or S
2 x 50 (#1 fist drill, #2 kick)
2 x 100 (middle 50 hard)

Round 3
200 P or S
2 x 50 (#1 single arm swim, #2 kick)
2 x 100 (back/free by 50)

Round 4
200 P or S
2 x 50 (#1 catch up, #2 kick)
2 x 100 (breast/free by 50)

200 cool

Thursday - study for medical coding test and had plantation shutters installed, plus the pool people came to back fill around the shell. Russ helped. 

Friday practice with FGC group:  I modified the practice to include more IM, so it's written with that in mind. 

500 loose
6 x 50 @ 1' (drill/swim or stroke)

3 x
200 Free @ 3:20
4 x 100 odds IM / evens stroke/free by 50 @ 1:40

300 pull
4 x 100 (same as above)

400 kick
200 cool

Saturday I sat for the CPC test - hopefully I passed!

Sunday was a gorgeous ocean swim from Vanderbilt beach to La Playa with a small group of guys that meet weekly.  This is the perfect weekly ocean group swim, and will plan to join them again.  They have a routine, where by they swim from the Vanderbilt beach house to La Playa as a warm up and then return to Vanderbilt by doing intervals between the buildings. It was fun, as long as I was not swallowing a bunch of water!  LOL.  We went through a few schools of jelly fish which was gross. They didn't sting us, but we could feel their slimy bodies on our hands.   The next time I swim with them, I will swim twice as long by starting at La Playa, which is a great hotel/club where my parents are members.  I can valet park at La Playa, swim to the Vanderbilt staring point, swim to La Playa with the group, and double back again.  

This coming Sunday I'll be swimming a 10K e-postal swim at the Norris pool in Naples. It's the first time I've swum a 10K.  Some folks are swimming 5K, and only myself and one other person are doing the 10K. We'll swim it in 50meters.  

I wrote a nice workout for a rainy day - I haven't done it yet, so let me know how it goes for you.

300 swim
300 kick/swim by 50
300 drill swim by 50
100 FRIM

PreSet 4xs
4 x 25  @ :35
1. build
2. breakout
3. Fast
4. perfect and pretty

Main #1
Kick set
4 x 100 
#1 50 fast/50medium
#2 75 Fast/ 25 medium
#3 100 F
#4 100 Ez

Main #2
4 x 100 @ 1:30
2 x 200 @ 3'
400 @ 6'
2 x 200 @ 2:50
4 x 100 @ 1:20

100 cool

Monday I visited the FGCU pool!   The lanes were set up for 50m, which was great, and hardly anyone was there.  I just about finished a warm up of 800 when the guards pulled everyone out of the pool due to lightening 10 miles out.  Darn!

I paid for a membership and will swim there more often since it's a fabulous pool and the lifeguards are really nice!

Until next time!

Happy Laps!

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