Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Be gentle with the earth"

I guess installing a pool, and disturbing the earth, is a far cry from being gentle with the earth.  Pipes are looking good in the spa!

The quote in the title of today's post is directly from the little book, "A Thousand Paths to Enlightenment."   I began thinking about food, sustainability, and the new laws that Paris, France plans to enforce starting next year to grocery stores, whereby grocery establishments will be required to donate much or all of their left over food to local charities. Fines will be imposed if they do not comply with the new policy.  Obviously there are many implications to this law, such as the private store owner who cannot afford to take the time to assign an employee the task of making sure his store's food is distributed out accordingly.  Food waste is a global issue, and I feel it is important to take steps to see to it that food that would normally be thrown in the trash, be given to those in need.   Over consumption, over abundance, and super sizing are directly related to consumers looking to get more for their money, which they do quite well when patronizing at stores such as Costco or Sam's Club. 

My mom hates shopping at Costco, and my dad loves it. Since she is not feeding a family of 4, she wants to purchase her groceries in small doses, thereby less waste. Yes, it makes sense to purchase dry goods to save a buck, such as coffee, TP, trash bags, and the like.  Plus if you are feeding 4 people, you can purchase a decent cut of meat, or fish for a pretty good bargain.  But then again, we run into the problem of being kind to mother earth, and taking into consideration all the water and grain it takes to feed and process that beef or that big tub of ice cream. 

Water - poor CA!   It's monsoon season for India now, and the water they get is vital to their crops. 

Did someone mention water??  Let's swim!

Tuesday I made an initial visit to the N. Ft. Myers Community pool. Nice place. They provide two lap lanes, a kiddie slid and plenty of shade. 

The workout was boring, but felt good!
500 swim
500 pull
6 x 150 snorkel (100 swim/50kick)
500 swim
200 back stroke

Wednesday morning - weekly Caloosa bike club ride from Winn Dixie. This was the second time meeting this group. We ride to Coconut point and back. Rather thank starting out with the hammer heads, Pam suggested to go out easy, then ride back with them, because they wait for her at the turnaround. That seemed to work out well. I could tell there was a lot of testosterone in the group of 6 guys.  Since they kept the cruising speed under 30mph, we had no problems keeping up.

Thursday AM
400 free
200 kick
200 (50 drill/50 swim)
200 kick
Preset: Pull
300  breathe every 3
200  breathe every 5
100  breathe every 7
2 x 175
2 x 125 (last 25 fast)
8 x 75 (2-free/back/br, 2-back, 2-50 breast/25 fr, 2-free)
6 x 50 fins 2 EZ 1 fast @ :45
cool 100

Happy Laps!

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