Monday, August 3, 2015

Seashore Swim Academy

Since Russ was out of town, I decided to stay a few nights in Naples and take advantage of swimming with T2 Masters on Friday morning for Freaky Fast Friday. Unfortunately we did not get to complete the workout due to lightening in the area. After everyone evacuated the pool, we were treated by the full moon rising over the pool.  It was a site to be seen, and coach Mike had his phone handy to take the photo. 

After a nice swim, I went to an interview with Southern Technical College for Admissions Representative. The lady interviewing me decided that she wanted me to meet the Exec. Dir of the school in the Bonita Springs location.  We scheduled that meeting for later in the afternoon, after I taught a swim lesson to a Mr. Daniel, the scientist. 

The swimming lesson was my first official Seashore Swim Academy lesson since living in FL.  It went very well, and he progressed from kicking backward to kicking forward. Be sure to LIKE Seashore Swim Academy on FaceBook!

I signed up to swim a Postal 10K on August 23rd. in Naples. That will be fun!  So far one other crazy person has signed up for the 10K distance. We swim it in a 50 meter course pool. 

The swim practice from Friday:

400 (breathe 50 R/50L)
300 pull
200 kick choice
100 FRIM

12 x 50 @ 1'
1 blast/1build/1ez  (blast is first 5-6 strokes fast or breakout)

1 x 400 free
(25 free/25 back/25 drill/rest 15s/25 fast)

12 x 50 pull @ :55
3 x: breathe 5/7/4/fast

we did not have time for this small set , so we went right into the next set, which we only did 1x due to lightening.
1 x 200 free @ 3'
1 x 100 free @ 2:20
1 x 50 free @ 90% effort 

Swum as a GROUP!
4 x
25 smooth 0/1 breath @ :40
50 breath 3/fist @ 1:20
25 tarzan @ :30 (fast drill)
25 SPRINT @ :15
75 EZ @ 2:15

300 EZ

Sunday was a 105K ride with a nice group of mixed cyclists. Mostly women, and a few guys. We ventured onto Sanibel, then eventually into Captiva. We saw two rose colored spoon billed birds in the Ding Darling Preserve.  I tried to get a photo with the phone, but it's not that clear. They are pink because they eat shrimp.

There are a few short stories that do go along with this particular ride.  To start with, about 8K into the ride, a young lady by the name of Denise stops suddenly and dismounts her bike, and starts yelling, "oh it hurts, my leg, I am cramping!"  She was a very tiny women, thin boned, maybe 100 lbs. wet. I quickly felt the need to come to her rescue with a cold water bottle that was not yet thawed out from freezing it the night before. I gently rubbed the water bottle on her thigh. I then proceeded to massage her quad muscle with a type of tragger technique. (hold the muscle and wiggle it from side to side) When I did that her response was, "Oh that feels so good!"  There was not much else I could do for her, and her cramp was not going to subside in a few moments, so she decided to turn back and head home. Apparently she was on holiday at altitude a few days before and had some other health issues she was dealing with.  Another 8K down the road and the ride organizer had a massive flat. She ran over a nail that went into her rim! Here we are waiting for her to change the flat.  
One group assisting in the process (East), the other group chilling out down the road (West)

Eventually the group needed to be split up with different speeds. The ride took much longer than I had anticipated, however I should have know that when it was advertised as a 'social' ride. Many photos were taken, and new friends were made. It's all good, happy to be on the bike, and hammer the over pass to Sanibel and back. 

Monday AM swim:

Warm (deja vu!)
400 Free (breathe 50L/50R)
300 Pull
200 K
100 FRIM

12 x 50 @ 1' - 2 moderate, 1 fast

4 x 50 fly-back @ 1'
4 x 50 back-breast @ 1'
4 x 50 breast - free @ 1'
(I call these switchers, but usually do them rotating)

3 x 200 P @ 3:20
breathe 7 5, 3 by 50, + 50 FAST

2 x 300 Free @ 4' or 4:30
2 x 150 Free @ 2:20 or 2:35

Rest :60

4 x 100 @ 1:30
4 x 75 @ 1:10 

*The 100s shoud be at perceived threshhold pace. The 75's should be a touch quicker but not as fast as you can go. The 300 should be well above perceived threshold pace and the 150s sould be quicker than the 300s, but not quite as fast as the 100s. 

200 EZ

No doubt, the most exciting event that took place last week was the initial construction process of installing our pool!  Basically digging an enormous hole in the back yard. 

It's going to take approximately 2 months to complete.  Summer is always a tricky time due to weather, which puts projects behind a few weeks.  It's all good though, and when it's done, Yigo will enjoy doing his laps!!

Phase 1 - The enormous hole!

"Mommy, when can I go for a swim??"  LOL!!

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