Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fast, fun, and yum!

We discovered a new italian restaurant in Naples. It's called Limoncellos, and the food was fantastico!  The waiters were happy, they spoke italian, and the prices were reasonable. This is a return spot, and new find for family dinners. Thank you Limoncello for a great experience!

My friend told me about a Wednesday evening ride from a shop in Ft. Myers, called Bike Bistro.  They have an A and B ride, and she said that I would be able to do the A ride. It's about 30 miles, and they go over the bridge to Sanibel, spend time over there, and return. The B group does the same, but slightly less distance.  I showed up and my friend did not go because she thought it was going to rain, but it didn't until we were done riding. She also told me that the guys would take good care of me and they did!  The ride leader is originally from Chicago area, but has been in FL for over 20 years. He is the shop mechanic. Our group was 6 total.  This was a good group, except for one squirrely guy in his aero bars, I needed to watch out for him to be safe.  The most exciting part of the ride was the race to the dead end street in Sanibel. I saw the guy on the front stand up and start to sprint. Apparently he started his sprint 2K to early.  I took no part, but continued going hard. I saw there were 2 more attacks, and there was still road left, because I could not see the end.  I bridged up to the guy who originally attacked, he hooked on to me, them came around, and I stayed with him, and we passed all the guys left up front and were the first to arrive to the dead end street. LOL! That was fun!!

Thursday 6/18/15 LCM w/ coach Mike

1000 SKIPS

Preset w/ fins
3 x (250K/75D/100S) @ 2:30
      (50 build) @ 1:00 

4 x (did it 3 due to time constraints)
200 w/ paddles (buoy optional) @ 3
150 (50 stroke drill/50 free/50 stroke) @ 2:30 (didn't really make that interval)
100 FRIM @ 1:40
50 build free @ 1:00
extra 30 sec. for equipment

100 cool

Friday 6/19/15 SCY w/ coach Kevin

8 x 100 (25K/25LA/25RA/25S) @ 1:45

Preset (to get ready for the fast stuff!!)
24 x 25 or 6 sets of 4 @ :40
25 underwater
25 drill
25 build
25 fast

Main: ladder 
all fast first, then ez, plenty of rest @ 2:40 base for 100
25 + 25
50 + 50
75 + 75
100 + 100
150+ 150
200 + 200
150 + 150
100 + 100
75 + 75
50 + 50
25 + 25
Kevin calls out your times. It was fun racing against a young girl that did the ITU race circuit, who is now getting into racing half IMs.

100 cool

Happy Laps!!

Happy doggies - the poodle's name  is 'Star'

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