Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hump Day Swim Practice

This morning's practice at T2 Aquatics was a stroke set and written by coach Mike.  It goes like this:

Wednesday 4/15/15

4 x 200 (SKIMP) * Coach 'Sarge's' favorite w/u for Sherburne H.S. team! (Swim/Kick/IM/Pull)
12 x 50 (switchers) @ 1' Drill/Swim by 25 - (fly/back, back/br, br/free, free/fly)
Idea is to descend and increase effort by set
1 x 
400 IM
400 FRIM
400 snorkel (or choice)
100 EZ

2 x 
200 IM
200 FRIM
200 snorkel
100 EZ (or not based on time constraints)

3 x 
100 IM
100 FRIM
100 snorkel

200 cool

Fun stuff - Thanks Mike! Oh and don't be too freaked out by my collar bone sticking up to the sky, it doesn't hurt. LOL!

Happy Laps!!

Warm down with Yigo laps!

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