Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Good Friday was a great day -- well not for Jesus.  But today was an especially good day to celebrate the weather, the scenery and the conversation on the roads with friends, especially my faithful cycling friends in N.Y.  Truthfully, you can't beat Central NY scenery with a stick, however, you can get your money for nothing and your chicks for free!  (inside joke, haha)

Who and what do you we have here?  Pete on his shiny good deal of a bike that he couldn't pass up a bargain for less than 1K fully built. Jonathan (Dr. S),  on his single speed, with legs that are powerfully pushing me up the climbs rather than the old days, me pushing him.  This was the first ride since Oct. when I crashed pretty hard in 'Caz.'    During the course of the ride, my one attempt for a city limit sign was futile, and I was beat out by Jonathan and Frank. Darn that Frank!  It's an excruciating feeling of wishing I was 30 again and in IM shape!  But the day was not over, nor was the ride, and there was still two more town and village limit signs of Hamilton to tag. Jonathan easily won points for the town of Hamilton, so the only one left was the sign at the end of a 'fast' decent into our village next to Colgate University. He said to me, "get ready for the second best lead out you have every had!"  I thought, "really?!"  My next thought was,  you may drop me in the process, then I realized he was on a single speed, and as I was drafting and waiting for the opportunity to pounce, he was bouncing (slightly)  in his saddle, oh I got this, and commented, "should I go now?" "Yes," he replies, and into the drops I place my hands, and made the all out sprint effort for the sign. Yippee!  He gave up his soul and his sins to me, and in return I got the city limit sign!  Okay - Jonathan didn't give up his sins for me, but Jesus did, right?  That's what Easter is 'all about'....
Put you right foot in, put your left foot in and shake it all about, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!  It's a Revelation!

Great Times!   

As beautiful as it was yesterday - it is snowing today! I'm talking, cold blustery, snow! argh. 

Swimming this weekend - what's on the agenda for practice coach?

Since I did not do Thursday's practice, because I treated myself to a massage and didn't want to swim afterwards,  the plan is to swim Thursday's set on Saturday.  I will post an extra Sat. set for those that would like to swim something different.  

Extra Saturday

600 (50F/50Back)
8 x 50 @ :55 descend 1>4
400 pull
4 x 100 swim 
300 pull
3 x 100 swim
200 pull
2 x 100 swim
100 pull
100 swim 
500 snorkel/fins/paddles
200 cool

Easter Sunday - Pool Closed :-(

Practice Yoga 45 - 60 minutes

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