Thursday, June 12, 2014

Exploring the Catskills!

Hiking in the Catskills is a great way to spend the day with my nephew, Colton!   We drove a little over 3 hours to the trail head for Windham, Burnt Knob, and Thomas Cole Mountains.  Yigo was our mascot. We started on the trail to Windham Mtn. The trail crossed two creeks, and then went up. Colton started running straight away. He waited for us at the first look out point. We continued on a little further and decided to turn around after a set amount of time.  The trek was a good part of the hip healing, and Colton had a good uphill workout.  

In addition to the hiking in central NY, the views during a daily bike ride is unbeatable!  
I was coming up SawMill Rd. and I saw this behind me. I could not resist. 
Of course the best part about a summer night in NY are the sunsets!

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