Thursday, June 12, 2014


I have to admit that I am a bona fide foodie. Yes, I know I am among the many others in this world that have a love for preparing, tasting, cooking, creating, tasting, and eating food!  Watching Chopped is a ritual.  I have learned SO much for the past 2 years from watching that show.  Of course reading recipes helps too.

I wanted to share a wonderful Summer Local Desert:

Strawberries (picked fresh from the fields of Common Thread in Hamilton, NY) and cream.
The cream is not local (sorry).  You can prepare the cream a variety of ways. One time I did Ricotta and Sour Cream with vanilla and lemon flavoring. Another time I combined Ricotta and Banilla Stoney Farm Yogurt with assorted flavorings.

The strawberries are washed, but into pieces set aside.
Balsamic mixture:
1/3 cup sugar
1/8 cup Balsamic vinegar
Melt the sugar in the vinegar
Pour the mixture over cold strawberries and toss to combine with chopped basil.

There needs to be a crunch element, so I suggest slivered dark chocolate to garnish the top. (not pictured)

It's a delightful and refreshing desert!! I hope you like it!

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