Sunday, April 18, 2010

Las Vegas Ultra running

The perfect dinner before a 50 mile run is eating with friends. Lisa and I enjoyed the grilled Salmon and oh- don't forget a glass or two of Vino!! It was a beautiful night to enjoy our meal outside.

Race morning, and Eric and I enjoy a nice warm up run together. This was Eric's first race in two years after some health problems. Let's just say he tore up the course. He was first overall by about 30 minutes to the 2nd. place finisher. I had the pleasure and privledge of running with him from mile 16 to 22. After that he got faster and I slowed down. I don't know how he does it, but I do know that he knows his shoes. Eric owns Red Rock Running Co. in Las Vegas. It is a fabulous shoe store, and he has a good memory for what shoes you buy and wear. Thanks Eric for your company on the run. It was good to see you running with so much joy and strength.

It was a really beautiful morning. The winds were light, which did give way to stronger winds by the afternoon. The temps were very nice.
The Canyon is an amazing place. Too bad we didn't spot any burros though.
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