Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay 2.3miles

It was a clean sweep for the Sun and Surf North Shore Series. Saturday's last race of the series was the best of all because the current pushed us. Men and women started together. I tried to look for some familiar faces to draft off of at the start line, but as soon as the gun went off, I was on my own. Even though it was a straight shot from one beach to the other, we needed to stay at least 30 feet from the shore. I could see a handful of swimmers to the right of me, but no one to the left. It was really really fun the way the waves pushed us along. It felt like I was wearing a pull buoy. I enjoyed the scenery on the bottom too. I was about three quarters of the way to the finish, when a few guys came up along side me, and I took the opportunity to get on the train and draft. It was great, because I stayed with them to the finish, sort of. They broke 50 minutes and I couldn't really turn it on at the end, so ended up 8 seconds over 50 minutes.

I realized half way home, that the race organized presented me with the Male overall trophy.

Bathing beauties.

Chillin' out during awards

Picking up hardware
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