Monday, July 7, 2008

Settled in Hawaii

Aloha from Honolulu!

After the long flight from Guam, we stayed a few days in a dumpy hotel that allowed pets in Pearl City. It was quickly apparent that we didn't want to extend our stay, so we checked out as quickly as possible and checked into temporary lodging on Hickam. Our dog, Yigo, needed to stay in the kennel, where he roamed around freely all day. After one week, he must have lost 10 lbs.
Permanent lodging finally became available and we moved in all our crap. Well - it's nice stuff, but we have a lot of it!! No central air, so we are living off the tradewinds to stay cool through the open windows. Oh yeah - it's summer, and there are no tradewinds. Darn. Still not quite as hot as Guam, that's the truth!

Russ has hit the greens with a vengence and played in a four day tournament. I started off with a 10 mile trail race called Mango Madness. The hills were relentless. The swim, bike and run races are endless in Hawaii. I'm fully emerged in the Hickam Area Cycling Club (HACC),, as well as swimming with the Masters group at Pearl Harbor, and doing the Waikiki North Shore swim series events.

We have been here one month, and I've ridden around the island two times. Once was only 140K with a group of really serious cyclists from the Quick Release team and a few Bocca athletes. The second ride was with HACC and we rode 120 miles. I look forward to more hard rides to get back in shape for the next big race in Texas in October.

The greatest thing about this time of year, is watching the TDF and the swimming trials. I so admire Dara Torres! She rocks!

Stay fit and be safe

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