Sunday, May 14, 2017


It took me months to decide if I really wanted to post this ranting about World and US politics.  I guess I have nothing better to do in the the car during my long drive to swim practice but to listen to NPR.  Two words:  Baba Vanga. Okay let's start by asking the question, "Is it fake news?"  Humm... when I first googled future predictions I came across Wow! A Bulgarian Clairvoyant Blinded as a small child.  I completely believed what I was reading, and some where in my google search, I read that in 2018 China will be the #1 Economic Power.   If the link works, then in one of the paragraphs it will suggest the that if the TPP is squashed, then that gives China the edge of Russia.  I am not one to rattle on about politics, heck, I don't even like listening to politics, but this is really getting the hair on my neck to stand up. I realize someone can show me proof that won't happen, but it's a wait an see game. So let's just wait. There is an excellent article I read on Huffington Post about the history of China showing insight on how they have handled their financial, work force, and military affairs very differently from the U.S., and giving them an advantage.

Repeal and replace. Seriously?  And risk all those that receive care now, that will risk losing their coverage so that can't get their treatment for cancer. It's a very complicated issue.

Was there collusion? Who is telling the truth?  And what will Michael Flynn say? I know --------

Just keep swimming!!!

I call this nutritious vegetable/vegetable protein smoothie I concocted in the trusty Nutri Bullet:

 A love to wine. 

This order - X-Large bullet:
* Three tangelo oranges (peeled)
* 3/4 C. Almond milk (plain)
* 1/4 or 3/4 cup of juice (Pineapple Guava) - If you don't have that, try OJ, or Grape juice)
* Handful of blueberries
* 1/4 c. strawberries
* Finish it off with a handful of arugula.
* Shaved nuts of your choice (Almonds, Walnuts) (unless you are allergic then no, no)
*Yogurt is a nice addition. I prefer the silken yogurt these days. - no dairy.
* Fresh herbs such as mint or basil.

This alcohol free fruit and vegetable wine is dedicated to all those who want to stop drinking! Who want to feel whole again and driven to be the best that you can be. It will take the deepest and utmost strength of courage and restraint like you have never felt.

I'll leave you with a couple of nice practice sets from March.

300/200/100- swim/pull/kick
Preset 4xs
1x50 drill/swim
2 x 25 build

2 x 200 moderate
3 x 50 descend

2 x 150 moderate
3 x 50 descend

2 x 100 moderate
3 x 50 desc

2 x 75 mod
3 x 50 descend

Set: fins
8 x 50 K/S by 25 #3, 6, 9 Fast

Cool 100

Tues 3/21
300 swim
200 pull
250 (fins: K/S by 50)
250 (fins: D/S by 50)
8 x 50
ODDS:  25 Kick  / 25 – half fast, half ez
EVENS:  25 – half scull, half swim / 25 Kick
Main Set: 2 XS
300 Pull (stretch it out)
200 broken @ :15 sec. rest (50/25/75/50)
150 Pull (stretch it out)
3 x 50 best average
Cool 200

Tues. 3/7/17
300 swim
150 pull
150 kick

Pre Set: x 4
1 x 25 kick (FAST) @ :40
1 x 50 head up swimming drill @ 1:10
1 x 25 kick (FAST) @ :40

Main #1
4 x 50 Paddle GRAB DRILL:
8 x 25 FINS  - Overkicking with SLOW arms
2 x 50 (Rt. paddle, Lt. Fin)
2 x 50 (Lt. paddle, Rt. Fin)

Main #2
2 x 200 Pull or swim
4 x 100 swim descend
1 x 200 pull or swim
4 x 50 swim best average
300 cool

Tues. 3/1
500 (50 free/ 25 back/ 25 kick)
Preset: 2 xs
3 x 50 descend 1-3
2 x 25 #1 kick underwater/ #2 sprint kick
Main: 4 xs
4 x 50 IM order
300 fast with paddles
50 EZ

9 x 75 1-3, breast/back/free. 4-6 free/fly/back, 7-9 back/breast/free
200 cool

Thurs. 3/3
300 swim/200 kick/100 non-free
5x150 @ 3:00 swim
200 (free/non by 50) w/:30 rest
4x150 @ 2:50 (buoy only)
200 (free/non by 50) w/:30 rest
3x150 @ 2:45 (swim)
200 (free/non by 50) w/:30 rest
2x150 @ 2:30 (with paddles)
200 (free/non by 50) w/:30 rest

100 cool down

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