Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Art Week

Art is Alive in Naples!  Carol, my mom, had her first Art Gallery opening last week as part of the Art Alive program. I created a book of Face page for her studio, so be sure and "LIKE" it for her. It's called, "Carol's Art Studio."   She has a variety of paintings that she mainly does for herself. She has done one commission of an abstract.  Her work is excellent!  I wish I had her talent, but much to my dismay, I can only go as far as make a flower arrangement. 

Here she is talking to a friend. It was a fun evening and I visited with many friends from near and far, including an old High School boyfriend!~ Imagine that, he lives in FL with his wife now. Also a dear friend from Colgate attended the opening as well. Thanks Sue!!

 The painting below the she did is from a photograph that I took during a sunrise from the beach one morning after swimming. Gorgeous!!!

Last week was incredibly busy!  The Saint Peter's swimming team was in town for one week training at FGCU.  Colgate alumi, Lia K. '13 is the team's head coach, and Ryan M. '13 is her volunteer assistant.  We hosted the team for dinner one evening and served Chicken Parm with pasta and salad.  They loved the food, and my only change for next time, is to make more chicken!!  


We have these really cool lights that we place around our pool when entertaining. You can make the lights flash with music, or stay steady and choose from a variety of colors. See how pretty they are?

Two weeks ago, the open water swimming group had a visitor. Believe it or not, Steve tows this big guy behind him for 3K. I tried it, it's pretty cool. Just feels like a little tug around the waist. Not near as hard as using a parachute, but good training non the less. 

Rib is still sore - tried to rest over weekend. Attended the Cape Coral Art Show on Saturday and the Bonita Springs Art Show on Sunday with my mom. The Bonita Springs show had more of a selection of fine art compared to the Cape show. 

Swim Practice for last two days:

Monday 1/11/16
16 x 25 @ :30 +/- fins
#1 Fly drill
#2 Back
#3 Breast drill
#4 Free

2 x {4 x 200 or 150 @ 3:30
#1 25 stroke/25 free
#2 50 stroke/50 free
#3 stroke
#4 free
(stroke = non free!)
300 Pull (50 EZ/50 Fast)
300 Kick (50 EZ/50 Fast)
50 ez swim
6 x 75 IM (fly/back/breast) @ 1:30 (did as rotating IM)
cool 200  (3900)

Tues. 1/12/16 - Tracy’s Birthday swim
200 loose
36 x 100 come in w/ 10 sec. rest (choose descending interval)
1-10 @ 1:45/40/35
11 - 20 @ 1:40/35/30
21 - 30 @ 1:35/30/25
Break* 100 choice
6 x 100 AFAYC @ 2’ OR odds Breast/Evens FAST! *we did the breast/free.
200 cool
Option B
20 x 100 come in w/ 10 sec. rest
1-5 @ 2:45
6-10 @ 2:40
11 - 15 @  2:35
16 - 20 @ 2:30
Break * 100 choice
3 x 100 AFAYC @ 3’

Happy Laps!!

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