Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pre THR (Hip Arthroplasty)

I really believed that I'd die with all my original body parts. Seeing as though God did not have that plan in mind for me, I am looking forward to having new parts. Those parts will be comprised of 4 different prosthetic pieces, a stem, a liner, a socket, and a ball, oh my!   I am nervous and excited all at the same time.  My husband even commented on my elated attitude over dinner this evening.

This winter has been brutally cold not only for upstate NY but for the entire U.S. Thankfully today we had the most wonderful and warming sunshine with blue skies, I could not resist taking Yigo (our dog) for a nice walk along the canal. I think I walked about 800km in 45 min. Wow - that is blazing a trail! HaHa!  

I look forward to the day when I can stroll and x-country ski along this beautiful trail without pain!!
The surgeon putting in my new hip is Dr. Michael Clarke. I hear only good things about him, and he was very nice and compassionate when we first met.  We first met, one year ago (March 2013) when he told me I have dysplasia, and am a candidate for a Total Hip Replacement. WHAT??!!  Not what I had in mind before I turn 50.  I mean really, how does one go from racing a half Ironman (70.3) in August of 2012, to needing a new hip two years later?   As a runner, I think I did pretty good in not going completely insane. Luckily I have experienced modifying my routine in the past from other minor injuries. The fact that I love to do other forms of aerobic activity besides running does help, however I miss running with a passion! 

So - tomorrow is the big day for Dr. Clarke to perform his routine hip arthroplasty surgery. I am one of the 600 routine joint replacements a year that Crouse hospital performs.  

Our day will start at 4:45am by showering with the antibacterial wash before we are to report to the hospital at 6:30am in Syracuse, NY.  The surgery is scheduled for 10:00am. Apparently the procedure takes only 90 minutes or less. I anticipate everything going smoothly, and hopefully only staying one night in the hospital. 

I have recieved many well wishes from friends and family, and it feels good that there are loved ones out there thinking of me. I am not crazy about doctors, or hospitals for that matter, but when it comes to major procedures, I guess I have no choice. :-)  I will use acupuncture as part of the healing process, and continue with chiropractic care and massage. 

The most important piece of information that I want to hear from the doctor is when I can resume swimming!!!!   Wish me luck!

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