Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Time Compote

Fruit is the essence of living off the land, so having a supply of wonderful fruit makes a belly happy.  I saw the pears sitting in the fruit bowl looking very sad, and brown. I also had a large collection of kiwi. I decided to look up a recipe for compote.  Very basic stuff, you cook the fruit, add a little juice like, wine, or citrus, cook, add a sweetener, cook, then cool before the fruit gets to mushy. It's a glorious desert with yogurt and pecans!   Here is a picture of the compote after sitting in fridge for a bit.  Add this to fresh Vanilla Yogurt and top with crushed pecans and enjoy!

Compote recipe:
Sliced Pears (2)
Sliced Kiwis (2)
splash white wine
splash lime citrus
Log Cabin Brown rice table syrup
a drop of almond extract and vanilla extract.

(*The original recipe calls for Vanilla flavored sugar. sounds easy enough)

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