Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yigo travels from HI to NY

The trip from Honolulu to Newark by plane is approximately 8-9 hours. It can be even longer for a pet, since they have to be dropped off at the Airport 3 hours early. He likes his kennel so that was good. My mom and I drove to Newark airport on a rainy and miserable day, but despite the weather our excitment was mounting the closer we got to knowing that Yigo was landing on the tarmac on flight #14 CO. We waited curbside at Terminal C, as we watched for the white van with the little paw prints to drive up. It was like watching water boil. When the van arrived, I told my mom, "stay calm, so we dont' excite Yigo." I said that more for myself. When his crate was taken off the van, I could see that he was doing well, and wiggeling his little butt, waiting to get out and run!

The paperwork process to release Yigo to us was a breeze. I showed them my I.D., I signed a form, and we were off. We had to go through the airport to get to the parking lot, and I was glad to have another hand to help carry the kennel, and walk Yigo. He was in great spirits.

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