Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Xterra Enduro 21K World Championships

Here we are, the mob squad, after completing a very memorable run in the valley and hills (lots of them!) of Kualoa Ranch. Each one of us had a different plan and expectation of ourselves going into the race. Linsey, ran it as part of her last training run for the Honolulu marathon. Not sure if that was such a smart idea, as it was no walk in the park kind of course. But hey, she's young and can handle anything. She's so good, she finished 3rd. in her age group, and the girls ahead of her were in the top five! I wanted to finish in top 7 so I can make some spending money. I met that goal, despite my quads cramping at mile TWO, and finished 6th. (more on that later) Rachel, from San Francisco, purposely did not taper for the race, so she would have no excuses for how well, or bad she ran. And she fell on her knee a week ago, and it still hurt. Despite her non-excuse attitude, she ran great! Rosie, had a smile on her face the entire run. She started running a year ago, and looks forward to improving and getting faster. She also ran strong completing this grueling course in under 2 and a half hours.

Linsey and I with plenty of time for photo ops before the race. No, Linsey had not been drinking.

This is part of the course as we come out of the mountains

Posted by PicasaWe arrived very early.

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